RC-306 Animal Nail Grinder USB Automatic Manicure(White)


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1. Suitable for a variety of pets, with a speed of up to 7500rpm, equipped with a safety cover, which can effectively block the dust of the nails being polished during use, so as not to fly around, and you can also choose the appropriate nail polish port to polish the nails according to the size of the pet: Second gear speed regulation, three ports
2. Professional diamond grinding head, sharper and more wear-resistant
3. Low noise design (noise control below 60 decibels)
4. Ergonomic design, good hand feeling: the size of the handle part is small at the front and wide at the back, and the length is short. It is suitable for holding in the hand, and it is labor-saving and not easy to slip off.
5. High and low speed adjustment (carefully polished pet nails) red and blue indicator lights.
6. Battery type: 16500 lithium battery  Speed: 5600-7500 rpm
7. Charging method: with USB charging cable
8. Running time: about 6.5 hours
9. Charging time: about 3-3.5 hours  
10. Power: 0.68W
11. Charging turn light: charging red light, full red light goes out
12. Charger: input AC100-240V/50-60Hz, output DC5V/1000mA
13. Standard accessories: nail polisher x1, USB charging cable x1, manual x1
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